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I've always been around books, or maybe I should say books have always been around me. I was born in Goa, India but we moved to Kuwait when I was ten months old. Libraries in Kuwait were private and I did not have access to them. The school I attended had a library but it was limited due to the religious restrictions imposed by the Kuwaiti government. Because of this I always asked for books as Christmas and birthday presents instead of toys. Whenever we traveled my mother had to tell me that I could only bring two books or else I would try to fill my suitcase with them. On August 2nd, 1990 my family and I were back in Goa visiting relatives when Saddam Hussein marched his army into Kuwait. It was eighteen months before we were able to return to our home only to find when we arrived that all of our possessions, including my books, were gone. I was devastated.

Through my teenage years into adulthood I have continued to collect books. If you were to visit my small apartment you wouldn't be able to find a room without books in it. I've organized, weeded, and even created a database for my collection of books, all before I ever worked at a library and learned that these where some of the functions of a librarian.

I began down my path to become a librarian by enrolling in San Jose State University's Masters in Information and Library Science in the Fall of 2013. Thirteen years prior I walked into my local library looking for something to do in my spare time and ended up working once a week as a volunteer. Once I received my U.S. work permit I was hired on as a page. Eventually, I was promoted to library clerk, and then library technician. This exposure to the inner workings of the library sparked in me a desire to find a career in library science. I have thirteen years of public library experience in various para-professional positions as well as eighteen months of academic library knowledge and experience. From my time working at the library I have discovered that I enjoy helping people find information, whether it is through collection management, database tutorials, computer classes, reference questions, or through reader's advisory.

This website is a showcase for all of the knowledge and experiences that I have obtained in my three years of Library school and my thirteen years of work experience. This is the process towards attaining my life long dream of becoming a Librarian

Every day is a new and exciting learning experience.

" Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one."–Neil Gaiman

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