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Re-Cataloging of Music CD Collection @ Sierra Madre Public Library, 2014

Goal: When I was assigned the CD collection to manage and maintain, I made the decision to change the collection’s call numbers from ANSCR to Dewey Decimal System. The goal of this project was to make the collection less intimidating and easier for patrons to browse.

Process: I had to work with the Pages and their schedules to ensure that the project was completed efficiently and correctly. The Pages would pull the collection from the shelves in sections. I would re-catalog the collection in our ILS and update short records to full records using OCLC. The Pages would then re-label and re-shelve the CDs. The project was completed in a timely manner.

Result: After completion of the project we received positive feedback from our patrons and the circulation statistics showed an increase in checkouts from the collection.

Procure Illustrations from Local and Acclaimed Artists
May 2017-Present
Goal: I am  spearheading a project to procure illustrations that are library themed from local and acclaimed artists for  the new Sierra Madre Public Library card designs. The goal of this project is to promote our library and entice patrons to want to get library cards.
Process: I contacted a local artist and was received positively. He donated his art to not only add onto our new library cards but also to add to our archives. I am currently still in the process of accquiring works of art from a second artist.

Result: *will update when the project is completed.

Outreach to Local Merchants for Sierra Madre Public Library
June 2017

Goal: This year, the library re-vamped their summer reading program. Instead of just reading books, patrons can now attend local events, shop local merchants, use the city's local hiking trails and earn prizes as they do so. The goal of this program is to promote Sierra Madre community love.


Process: I volunteered to be the Sierra Madre Library's liaison to promote the Summer Reading Program. I had to explain, to the local merchants, how this programs works and benefits them as well as us.


The feedback was excitingly favorable on the merchant's and patron's side.

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